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4 Key Qualities of a Leader

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While initially quite similar, there are differences between leaders and managers. From creating visions to taking risks, and communicating change to building strong relationships, it is evident that there are important distinctions between managing staff and leading people.
As part of a two-part series of blog posts, we're exploring the different qualities of leaders and managers. In this first part, we're shining a light on leaders and highlighting the 4 key qualities of an effective leader.
1. Leaders create visions
Leaders work towards a larger purpose; they actively inspire, engage and motivate their workforce to turn visions into a reality. They motivate and encourage others to think of the bigger picture and how they can contribute to it.
2. Leaders nurture relationships
For leaders, the focus in on those responsible for the success of an organisation: the people. Leaders actively build relationships with their workforce and stakeholders and are dedicated to nurturing their existing relationships. They are committed to building trust and loyalty within their team and support individuals to help them realise their visions.
3. Leaders take risks
Leaders are willing to try something new and to experiment. They take risks and view failure as an opportunity to learn. They are curious, and ask 'what' and 'why' as opposed to 'how' and 'when'.
4. Leaders constantly learn
Finally, the leaders are self-aware; they know their own skills, their strengths (and weaknesses), and are enthusiastic to develop and learn. Leaders have a proactive approach to learning and seek opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills.
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